On My Birthday

On my birthday there was cake. And there was ice cream. There were really sweet cards and presents. And then there were all of you. A birthday will really run down a phone battery, and I love that. Thank you all so much, both near and far. Thank you for your calls and texts and messages and emails and cards and comments. Thank you for your love. I am so grateful for you, and you all made my day.

Here are a few special little birthday things. I will write more about this next week (I have a day in the life in photos post planned, and I’m silly excited about it), but Eric has been on a difficult schedule this week, since he’s had all-night telescope observing runs. It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks for him, which is why I was so touched by the things he gave me today. First of all, he secretly made this card for me with my scrapbook supplies! If there is anything more adorable than that, I haven’t seen it. I have tons of these little papers, so I won’t miss them in my supply, and it makes me so happy to think of him having fun with my circle punch and glue stick. Adorable. As I said before.

Then he gave me this box, and my first thought was, “Where does one find such pretty wrapping?”

And when I opened it, I saw this! Made in July is the beautiful Etsy shop of my sweet friend Moriah, and I couldn’t believe Eric had picked out one of her gorgeous creations for me! Thoughtful is definitely one of the most accurate words for describing Eric, and this was such a wonderful surprise.

I love these earrings! The turquoise is so pretty with little flashes of gold, and I love the contrast of round and square. It makes me so happy to have something made by my talented friend! When I told Eric how much I loved them, he said he had thought they looked like me. And that he had looked at my earring display in the bedroom and noticed that I didn’t have any earrings this color. I love being married to a scientist. 😉 Thank you so much, Moriah, for making these and for being a creative kindred spirit!

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