Office Makeover

Now that I’m working from home, I spend most of my time in our office/studio/guest bedroom. Over the past six months, it has really started looking like a disaster zone, since I didn’t really have the storage I needed for all my art supplies. This weekend we got a new little storage cube, though, and that, my friends, has made all the difference! Every time I walk into the office now, I just want to sigh a contented sigh. I was going to show you the before pictures too, but I just cannot do it. Trust me that it was…very haphazard looking. And now there is so much more space! When I finished organizing everything, Eric came in and danced a little jig in all the newly open space. I love him.

So, in lieu of before and after pictures, I will take you on a little tour. Here is my desk, which really has to be organized every day, but which has now been made a bit more functional with some subtle rearranging. Now this looks like a place that’s ready for work. Or maybe painting my nails. My goggles are there to remind me to hit the pool, and Vladimir and Vera provide a benevolent gaze.

Eric heroically moved my filing cabinet into the corner for me (after I took all the stuff out, of course!), so I could get to these little drawers more easily. This is all of my scrapbooking stuff, which used to be spread out all over the guest bed. This is so so so much nicer. There are a few canvases propped against my desk, and my calendar is blowing in the glorious breeze of our box fan.

Along this wall is my craft table, which used to be covered with all kinds of stuff, and had lots of stuff underneath it. I am so excited to have a place to sew and paint again! There is nothing more beautiful than a clean work space, is there? In the corner is my dress form, which Eric and I made together. He wrapped me in duct tape, and then we cut it off, stuffed it with Poly-fil, and mounted it on a broken lamp stand. Voila! It really helps with alterations. The Poly-fil is so big that it has to live under the table like that, along with some pillow forms, but at least they are the only occupants of the under the table region. That makes me happy. In those small baskets on the floor I usually keep current knitting projects (at least the ones that will fit in there). Hanging from the wall are all my ribbons, wound around cardboard tubes. (This is super easy, by the way: wind ribbons, tape them down, string some yarn through the tube, and tack it to the wall.) This way I can easily get to them and actually see what I have, a major goal of this office makeover!

And finally in this corner we have the new acquisition: a storage cube. Now I can actually see my fabric and supplies, and those little drawers make a great home for all the ungainly stuff, like bags of buttons and beads. I love it! That’s my Project Life album leaning against it, and our guest bed on the other side. On the other wall is Eric’s desk and a big bookcase. And that’s it! I am so glad that this little project is done, and I look forward to many happy hours spent between these four walls.

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