Hope Springs Eternal

I’ve always been an optimist. In my undergrad course on Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, the professor asked us one rainy afternoon if we were all caught up on our War and Peace reading. A usually quiet girl who sat in the back answered, “Hope springs eternal.” I loved that answer, and now I find myself saying it all the time. It’s really, I think, the answer to almost every question. Tonight I’m deep in the throes of dental woes (a poem, forsooth!) and looking for cheer in my pictures from the last week or so. Of course, it’s really not that bad in the grand scheme of things. But I’m still recovering from a bunch of drilling and shots (so many shots) and that icky burned metal taste that makes itself at home in your mouth after you’ve had cavities filled. (Gross, I know, sorry). That was my day, and I’ve got more coming on Friday. Apparently my teeth didn’t fuse properly, which is what causes my cavity prone-ness. But enough about my teeth. On to the hope that springs eternal!

Last Saturday Eric and I went to dinner at our favorite local spot, Lemonade. I heard they’re releasing a cookbook soon. It will be glorious, I have no doubt.

I got this awesome birthday surprise from my brother and his wife! I am already making some jewelry out of this amazing stash, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Almost done!

Eric was away at Palomar for a good chunk of last week, and I asked him to stop at our favorite produce stand on the way home. I put together a little list, but he brought me some surprises too: pumpkins! My love for them knows no bounds, and now I feel like fall can really begin.

On Friday I went to hear Luisa Weiss read from her new book My Berlin Kitchen at Vroman’s. And I was standing right behind her adorable baby! A lovely evening, all around.

On Saturday Eric and I went swimming at the Caltech pool and got in a pretty decent workout. It was so good to be back in the water.

Yesterday I made the first pumpkin soup of the season in our Le Creuset. It was, strictly speaking, in preparation for not being able to chew for a week, but still. Pumpkin soup!

And tonight I assembled all of these marvelous candidates for mulligatawny stew. Oh my goodness, what a treat. The smell of an Anaheim pepper cooking in butter is so heavenly. No solid foods for a week. But at least I have this. Hope springs eternal.

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