DIY Felt Ruffle Garland

My friend Lisa and I are already plotting our holiday decor, and we’ve been talking a lot about working with felt, so I guess I must have it on the brain. This little project is not exactly holiday related, but it’s filling an empty spot in our dining room, and that makes me happy. The whole project took me about half a hour. And it’s pretty! So, double win!

I chose some colors of felt that I liked from my little stash (stockpiled last year when it was on super sale) and cut them into even strips.

Then I knotted one end of my yarn and used an embroidery needle to work it through the felt, seven or eight times for each strip.

Then I just pushed the strips down to the knotted end of the yarn, and they formed these little ruffles. It came together really quickly, and I really like the look of it.

Here’s to projects that are as quick as they are easy!

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