A Few Bright and Happy Things

We all need a few bright and happy things to give us cheer in the middle of a long week, don’t we? Especially if that week contains a cold. Blech. Hopefully I am on the mend now, but bright colors help me nonetheless. So here are a few little things that fit the bill. I made this little page above with a beat-up old atlas, my circle cutter, and my sewing machine. I have been wanting to try sewing on paper for a long time, and it went beautifully! My machine has all these pretty stitches that are going to be really fun to play with. Those are six places I’d like to go with Eric (six among dozens!)

This is a midway shot of my ribbon organizing project. Hurray for ROYGBIV!

On my birthday, I bought these bright plastic bracelets for fifty cents each. Fun!

And this weekend I finished this little bracelet too. It turns out that beading is a good project when you have a cold! In other happy news, I now have the entirety of War and Peace on my iPod! If that doesn’t put a smile on my face, I don’t know what will. 🙂

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