Zucchini, Corn, and Poblano Tacos

This is my new favorite dinner. I have made it several times, and we keep eating it all before I can take a good picture of it. It is rich and creamy and flavorful, with just a hint of spice, and I love the crunch of the fresh corn.

It’s also really quick and easy to prepare. While you saute the veggies, roast a few poblanos on the grill and puree your tomatoes. Then it all goes into one big pot.

This dinner has brightened so many Saturday nights, and it makes enough for two batches of leftovers (if you’ve only got two eaters). So I guess, if I do the math, it makes…12 tacos. Not bad for 20 minutes’ worth of work!

And, oddly enough, I can report on one unexpected triumph of these tacos. On Monday I had to have a cavity filled for the first time since my childhood (nooo!) Thankfully, it didn’t hurt at all, but I’m on soft foods for the next couple of days. I was so bummed about it when I got home from work because I really wanted to eat these tacos, and Eric suggested that we just try pureeing the veggie mixture in the blender. Oh my, it was a heavenly soup. It’s one of my goals this month to work on mastering some Mexican dishes, and this is the first one that’s officially under my belt. My first salsa verde was a disappointment, but I am armed with a new recipe, and the black bean soup I made for dinner tonight was delicious. All that to come soon!

Zucchini, Corn, and Poblano Tacos
Recipe from Rick Bayless via Serious Eats

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 medium white onion, chopped
1 pound fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped, or 2/3 of a 28-ounce can whole tomatoes, drained
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 large fresh poblano chiles
kernels cut from 1 large ear of corn (about 1 cup)
4 medium (about 1 ½ pounds) zucchini, cut into ½-inch cubes (about 5 cups total)
1 sprig fresh epazote, leaves removed or roughly chopped, or 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
2/3 cup crema, crème fraîche or heavy (whipping) cream
Salt to taste
1/2 cup (about 2 ounces) Mexican queso fresco or other crumbly fresh cheese like salted pressed farmer’s cheese or feta
24 fresh, warm corn tortillas (*We used 12 larger flour tortillas because we prefer them to corn tortillas–either is fine)

-In a large (5 quart) pot, heat the oil over medium until shimmering. Add the onion and cook, stirring often, until golden, 8-10 minutes. Add the garlic for the last minute of cooking.
-Meanwhile, puree the tomatoes in a food processor and set aside.
-Over an open flame or under a broiler, roast the poblano until the skin is charred all over, then put in a bowl and cover until the skin steams and loosens. Slip it off, rinse the flesh, and slice into thin strips.
-When the onion is finished cooking, add the tomato puree, cover, and cook, stirring often, until thickened slightly.
-Raise the heat to medium high and add the poblanos, corn, zucchini, cilantro, and crema (or substitute). Stir well to combine (adding a little water if necessary) and cook until the zucchini is soft but not mushy. Season to taste with salt.
-Transfer to a serving bowl and top with the crumbled cheese. Serve with warm tortillas and more cheese for passing.

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