On our way back from Palomar last weekend, we stopped to stroll around the Old West town of Temecula. We didn’t know too much about it, but we were charmed. This picture is actually from a huge mural. Quite the trick of the eye!

Temecula is really growing as a wine region in Southern California, and while we didn’t have time to stop by any wineries on our way, we could see the lovely rolling hills where the vines grow. The Old Town is one long strip with wood-planked sidewalks. So pretty.

I thought this old wagon was deserving of a photo op.

It was definitely an antique lover’s dream town.

And, if you happen to be in the mood for some chocolate-covered bacon, they’ve got you covered.

I think I’ll stick with gouda though…

One of our favorite places was the little spot where we had dinner: The Bank of Mexican Food. This was the first building in town (it used to be a livery stable before it was a bank), and in the 70s it was turned into a Mexican restaurant. The vault is still there! It looked pretty flimsy to me, but I bet it was top of the line in 1890. I adore buildings that had other purposes in previous lives–it’s like a compressed chronotope right before your eyes. I missed that so much when I moved away from Memphis, where there are tons of cute cafes, shops, and restaurants that used to be houses. I am glad to find such places out West too.

And I loved this shopping cart planter. Such a great idea!

On the way out of town I snapped a few more pictures of the murals. I am such a railroad nerd.

Even though the town doesn’t look exactly like this any more, you can still feel that frontier touch. We’re so glad we stopped by!

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