Summer Snapshots

I’ve been trying to keep my camera (or at least my phone camera) out and at the ready so that this summer doesn’t slip by, and I am happy with this little collection I’ve amassed in the past week or so. Palm trees on a cloudy afternoon. I will never get tired of them.

Watching Michael Phelps’ post-22-Olympic-medals interview, with grilled pizza in hand. So much happiness. I will root for him forever and no matter what, even though he’s retiring. Besides his obvious awesomeness, and a soft spot I have because I used to be a swimmer, he actually kind of looks like my little brother. Every time I see him fist pump, it reminds me of my hermano, and I smile.

Salad toppings, ready to go, making their own little rainbow.

I love this weathered paint.

Last weekend we took the car to the car wash for the first time…since we moved here? That is crazy, since it’s almost a year. I am sure our car is much happier now. And you better believe I was thinking about Walter White the whole time.

This is my ubiquitous hat, necessary for the sweltering farmer’s market, against a dress I made out of a muumuu and an old shirt. I would love to do some more sewing this summer.

This is part of my summer reading. There’s something about 1,000-page novels I can’t resist. So far, it is strange and wonderful.

This has definitely been the summer of the grill, and I am so glad we got one. The past few weeks I have been getting home from work kind of late, so I’m always calling Eric and asking him to grill veggies on my way home. Best husband ever. These are eggplants and zucchini he grilled to go along with Thai peanut sauce he made. I didn’t realize how many pictures I actually had for this post, and I am so glad I have them all. Makes me feel like the summer can live on now, if only in memory.

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