One Year in the Blogosphere

One year ago, with all kinds of excitement, I sat down at my computer, did some writing, and hit publish. Why blog? I had a sense that there were more people in the world who cared about the things I cared about, and I wanted to connect with them. I had a sense that there were real creative communities online, and I wanted to be part of them. And I wanted to have a space to bring all of my creative and real-world adventures together, a place to preserve memories and to write about the things that make me spring out of bed every morning. My very first post ever, imported from an early non-public blog experiment, still rings true to me, and that makes me happy. Looking back on it, I am not exactly sure how this whole blog launch happened, since we had just made a huge move two weeks earlier, and I was, of course, in the throes of my final semester of my dissertation, but somehow we pulled it off. I say “we” because this blog is, and always has been, a joint effort. My husband helped set everything up for me with the hosting, and he manages the back end and coding, as well as being my (fantastic!) photographer every week for the style posts. But much more than that, he is endlessly supportive and encouraging of everything I do, and this blog is no exception. I asked him a few times this past year if my blog was cutting into time that we could be spending together, and his answer has always been that this blog is something that brings us together, not divides us. He is the best.

While the final semester of one’s dissertation might universally seem like the wrong time to start a personal project, I found the opposite to be true. This blog got me through those crazy months, and I’m so grateful that I had a space for myself and a sense of myself beyond a number of pages written per day. Now that I’m past that hurdle and into my next adventures, I’m so happy to have this space to record it all. It’s no lie that the past few months have been hectic, and I am really proud of the fact that I’ve blogged every weekday for a year. Sometimes I’ve come to the computer dragging, but I never regret writing, never regret trying put my thoughts into words, never regret creating a record of our life here and now. The day will come, I most sincerely hope, when I’ll be up all night with a newborn or chasing after toddlers all day, and I won’t be able to blog on a daily basis anymore. When that happens, I’ll happily shift into another phase of writing and publishing, but for now, I’ve got some time to spare, so I plan to keep writing every day, and I’ll let you know when that changes.

This little reflection would be so incomplete without thanking you, every single one of you, who have stopped by, read and written to encourage me, and shared your lives with me too. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this space what it is.

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