On Stripes and Style

It’s funny how things evolve. A few years ago, when I first began to think of the way I dress as a creative outlet, I was putting new looks together every day and spending lots of time learning from other awesome people about mixing patterns and taboo colors, like black with navy or red with teal. It was a blast, and I miss it. I still love putting unusual looks together, but in the heat and busy pace of summer, it’s one of the things that has fallen a bit by the wayside. I am happy to say, though, that it won’t be too much longer until fall, which is my favorite season, and not just because I get to wear tights and sweaters. Living in Berkeley is kind of like living in a perpetual fall (except when it’s winter…and the two days of summer per year), so maybe that’s why it’s the season I feel most comfortable dressing for. But in the meantime, this summer has definitely made me get creative.

This green shirt is a beloved thrift store find, and the skirt is from Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley. It was kind of comical when I bought it, since it would never be warm enough for me to wear it without tights, but now it’s become a southern California staple.

The belt is from my favorite thrift store in Memphis, and the bracelet is from my favorite jewelry shop there. Oh, Memphis, hallowed ground of affordable fashion!

Oddly enough, one of my favorite things about this belt is the misalignment in the back. Makes for a more interesting pattern.

My favorite part of this look is definitely my over-the-top earrings. I haven’t worn them in ages, and they were just calling to me today. Who says stars and stripes are just for the 4th of July?

My work load should ease up this fall, and I am looking forward to spending more time hunting for style inspiration. I am definitely not a follower of trends in a larger sense, but I love seeing the looks that fun and creative ladies put together. Here’s to inspiration!

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