Eric and I kicked off our indoor exploration season this weekend at LACMA (the LA County Museum of Art). We’d been by before, but we were saving it for a really sweltering day. Our regular Saturday morning trip to the farmer’s market was completed in record speed and with mild hilarity (“Do you want an eggplant? Which one?” “I don’t know, just grab one, let’s get out of here!”) We knew LACMA was air-conditioned (and indeed they advertise this on such hot days), but we didn’t know that it is gigantic. There are nine buildings, all of them full of galleries. Wow. This light installation out front is a favorite of ours (and of everyone else who lives here, I think!)

One of our favorite installations was called Metropolis II, and it was a Matchbox car fantasy. This structure was way bigger than the average living room, and incredibly loud. We loved seeing all the little kids with expressions of awe on their faces. Apparently it is someone’s job to stand inside and make sure nothing malfunctions, and we wondered how she got in there. A mystery!

I don’t usually take photos of art in galleries (an old habit from my youthful traveling days, when I would just treat myself instead to as many gift shop postcards as my little heart desired, since they were, after all, by far the cheapest things on offer), but I made an exception for these giant billiard balls. I would have loved to hear them clink. And it is also true that I’m usually drawn to simple shapes and bright colors.

After we’d gone through a few buildings and at least a dozen galleries, we were pretty beat and decided to head to one of many little cafes scattered throughout the campus. On our way, we found this installation of yellow tubes, so, of course, we had to play in it.

I had my heart set on a cookie and a cappuccino, but Eric really won the deliciousness award with this…

An ice cream sandwich on homemade cookies. Oh my goodness. This clearly needs to be our next project.

I love that we got this picture taken as we were heading out, since we have tons of pictures of each other from our trips, but not too many of us together. This trip reminded me so much of one of our very early dates, at the art museum in Berkeley, during which I first held Eric’s hand, and after which we stood under an awning in the rain for ages, talking and talking and talking. I treasure the conversations we had then, and I treasure the ones we have now. It makes me happy to think that some years from now, we’ll look back on this picture and say, “Ah, we were just kids back then.”

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