Island Dreaming

We are beginning to reach that critical point in the summer when the heat gets out of control, just like it was almost a year ago when we moved here, still shivering from the fog of the Bay area. (This is only funny now, but the first night we got into our apartment here, it was insanely hot, and we were really worried about the ventilation in the unit…until we realized we’d turned on the heat instead of the air conditioner. Oh, Bay area kids!) We wondered what we’d gotten ourselves into, but thankfully the heat peaks and passes, and most of the time, it’s very pleasant here. Whew! But in these hot days, all I want to do is float in a pool with a cold drink in my hand. A drink so cold it makes my hand numb. Ahhh, that sounds good. It was with all this in mind that I put on this palm print top.

I paired it with this white skirt, which was a hand-me-down from my Besfrinn. I think I remember her wearing it back in our college days, when we had some boys over for lunch after church and were trying to impress them with our poise and knowledge of Dostoevsky. Oh friends, it was cringe-worthy. But the skirt is lovely. It’s actually almost the palest of blues, and I like that subtle hint of color.

And then there are the shoes. These are one of my most prized thrift store finds. So many colors, and little gold studs on the toes to boot!

I bought this white necklace for a quarter at a thrift store in Idyllwild. I love how 60s it feels.

The belt is an old standby of mine, and I made the blue yarn-wrapped bracelet. Easiest DIY ever!

I’m not exactly sure that this look is a mix of patterns, but I do love the floral trim of the skirt against the palms on the top.

To keep my hair off my neck (an issue of paramount importance!), I used this little twister that my parents bought me at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Thank you!

Wherever you find yourself today, I hope you’re keeping cool!

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