DIY Two-Tone Throw Pillows

I have been wanting to finish this project for months, and I am so glad I finally got to it. Our new couch, while lovely, was looking a little forlorn, and, worse still, it was lacking in pillows, which made it very hard to lie down and read a book. A critical situation! The idea of making two-tone pillows first occurred to me in the winter, when Eric decided that one of his shirts had shrunk too much to wear anymore. I had always loved that shirt, and I thought its pretty shade would go well with the soft brown of our couch. I scoured thrift stores for a good complementary color, and I found it in this kind of bizarre t-shirt. And then those two shirts spent a long time waiting for me to hack them up, stitch them together, and stuff them. Finishing these pillows was one of my monthly goals, so I am especially proud that I got them done. And also happy to have a good place to rest my head while reading!

Here are the two shirts. I kind of like those crazy characters on the tan one.

The critical part of this endeavor was just acquired last month: pillow forms. While I have more PolyFil than I know what to do with, I also know that it’s very hard to shape into something that isn’t…lumpy. We found pillow forms on sale last month during our afternoon in Montrose, so we got a few of them.

The first step was to rip the seams from the shirts. A really good mindless task, if I do say so myself. Ironing is less fun, but it at least it doesn’t take as long.

The next step was to line the shirts up, outsides facing in, and pin them together. I used a tape measure and chalk to mark the dimensions of the pillow form, giving me a guide for my stitches.

I was really determined to sew straight, and, I must say, I am proud of my stitching. It turns out that going slowly is the secret for me (well, at least, a secret). It feels good to know that I am learning, and it’s also kind of exhilarating to be well beyond school days and still find myself at the very beginning of some field of knowledge. It’s awesome being alive, isn’t it?

After stitching three sides, I trimmed the edges and put the pillow form inside. It’s almost a pillow!

I hand-stitched the fourth side, and this too is good mindless work. I made the stitches small and tight, and I’m really happy with how they came out.

Once they were both done, I put them out on the couch and took them for a test drive! I love that they are reversible, and I think I will probably switch them around from time to time. I love spending time with my sewing machine, and I am so happy with how these pillows look on the couch. Now to finish knitting the blanket to go in the middle! But that, I think, will be a project for next month, since I still have three skeins left…but I never mind a project that keeps on giving.

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