The Colors of Santa Barbara

You guys, a funny thing happened to me. My computer died. Well, the screen died, and without the screen, a laptop is not much use. There are all kinds of positive things in this equation, though. 1) Everything is thoroughly backed up. 2) My husband, who knows all kinds of things about computers and is very sweet to boot, has let me log in to my computer through his, which is where I’m writing now. This is a lifesaver, but not a permanent solution. We’ve talked through all of the options, and, given that the computer is reaching the end of its lifespan anyway, I am most likely getting a new computer. Exciting! Except for the price tag. Oh well, such is technology. 3) This happened on Thursday morning, and we left for Santa Barbara on Thursday night. While I was bummed not to be able to take my laptop and finally catch up on blogs and Twitter, it made for a really lovely unplugged weekend. I really want to do a proper post on the sights of Santa Barbara because they are gorgeous, but since I’m a bit technologically frazzled at the moment, I just want to share the images that stand out to me the most: the ones with the most beautiful colors.

Santa Barbara is chock full of these pretty tandem bikes, and you see them rolling all over the coast. I love their bright colors and canopies.

This bright planter stopped me in my tracks. I would never have imagined that lime green could be so gorgeous.

Bougainvillea as far as the eye can see!

There are beautiful tiles everywhere you look, and they really serve to brighten the mornings clouded over by June (and July!) gloom.

I loved the way the flower petals fell into this fountain, sort of like morning dew in reverse.

This planter stole my heart too. I just want to paint this pattern on everything!

If the sun hadn’t peeked through from behind the clouds, this table and chairs were prepared to stand in as understudy.

This blanket down by the beach cracked me up. I didn’t throw a coin in, but it’s thought-provoking. Maybe I really am cut out to be in the NBA…

But really, this little tour of the colors of Santa Barbara wouldn’t be complete without the brightest of greens…

And the deepest of blues.

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