Scenes from Santa Barbara

I keep looking through my pictures of Santa Barbara and marveling at the colors. It is such a stunning place. I wanted to share a handful of shots from the day that Eric and I spent together there.

We went to mass at the mission on Sunday morning, and then toured the grounds. Oh so pretty. Here we are in the courtyard.

I liked their little tour signs.

And their stairs packed with succulents.

The mission itself is so striking. And so very old. I cannot imagine the human strength it took to build it and maintain it.

It’s way up on a hill, and you can see the ocean from its gardens. Perhaps, centuries ago, someone stood just where I did, straining to see a ship in the distance. While we were there, I bought a map of the California missions (because I need a map of everything, clearly!), and I was thinking as we were driving home about the monks traveling between all the missions, wondering if any part of our path was the same.

By the end of our little tour, we were really hungry and in need of tacos. We went to a cute place that was totally slammed, but doing its best to keep up. We had to wait a long time for our insanely delicious food, but at least we had the salsa bar. This is may be favorite picture of the whole trip. I love the tiles on the table and the gorgeous hues of the salsas. We probably went a little overboard, but I liked every single one of them, and everyone who has ever eaten at a taqueria knows that that never happens. Magic!

Here is that delicious food, just for memory’s sake.

After lunch, I wanted to take Eric to the courthouse, which is completely over the top in the very best way possible. It is just intensely gorgeous, in every little detail.

This is just one example of the vivid tile work that adorns its every corner. And, in this case, provides a nice seating area!

Everything about this space is grand, from the hallways…

To the water fountains.

From the doors…

To the ceilings,

From the windows…

To the elevator door.

And then, of course, there is that sublime view from the roof. Nothing but palm trees and red tile rooftops, the California Riviera indeed.

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