Purple and Silver

I love purple and silver together, and especially the soft and muted tones of these two representatives of that marvelous combination.

And, better still…I made this dress! It only took about an hour because I made it out of…

a pillowcase! The concept is a really simple one, and I followed the basic guidelines on Sweet Verbena’s tutorial for a similar shirt. All you have to do is a bit of cutting and hemming, and then pull a ribbon through the top. Voila! I had initially planned to make this into a shirt, but it was definitely long enough for a dress, and that made me happy, since dresses are my entire wardrobe for this sultry summer.

This is my pillowcase conqueror face! I have been wanting to make this dress for such a long time, but it’s hard to get to the sewing machine during the week. When I started this project on Saturday, I didn’t know I’d be ready to wear it the next day. Success! Now, of course, I did have a few seams to rip out along the way, but it’s finished, and I’m proud!

The pretty ribbon came from one of our wedding gifts (a big thank you to Eric’s mom for keeping all the ribbons for me!)

I love these earrings, even though they are almost as big as my head. I wore them on my graduation day and to my brother’s awesome wedding. So many happy memories!

We had a relaxing weekend at home, and Sunday marked four years that Eric and I have been together. We celebrated with a dip in the pool, frozen yogurt, and a browse through a bookstore. Everything is more fun when he is with me, and I’m glad we make such a good team. Here’s to four more years!

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