Project Life: Weeks 2 and 3, Plus Bonus Santa Barbara

I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with different looks in my Project Life pages. I feel like I like my pages better and better as the project goes on, and that is a good thing. I am still working in the rhythm of two weeks at a time, and this week there was the added bonus of our trip to Santa Barbara. Travel is so important to me, and to us: there is nothing we love more than exploring new places together, hand in hand. So I gave it two pages. I may fill up two or three books with this year, but, in the immortal words of my mother, who cares?! I’m having fun, and that’s all that matters.

This week’s page documents a typical summer weekend: farmer’s market, dip in the pool, and…our new grill! Well, that is not a weekly occurrence, but it reminded us so much of the Clark Griswold-inspired battle with our first Christmas tree that we were ready for a celebratory shot once we finally got it upstairs. On Saturday I got a package full of books I had been eagerly awaiting, which made the day even more awesome.

This next week was a short one for us, since we left for Santa Barbara on Thursday night, but I wanted to capture a little bit of the feel of summer around here. For the pattern on this page, I used…a potato masher. It was shaped like a perfect flower, and I like the messy lines it gave to the page.

A few of these pictures capture the places I walk by nearly every day. While they don’t provide memories of a special event or weekend happening to remember, I am happy to have the lines that I etch through these places every day preserved, in some small way.

This is my Santa Barbara spread. I love it! I picked up so many little scraps of paper on that trip that I had to choose only a few to include here, but I love the ones that made the cut.

The first page presents mostly stuff I saw on the days when I was shuffling through town on my own while Eric was in his meeting.

The second page is more focused on the time we spent together on Sunday. I love the way that striped paper came out, and I can’t get over how perfect that Pacific Surfliner map is, showing both the Bay area and Los Angeles, as well as Santa Barbara. The places we’re from, the places we live, the places we see: I believe they make us who we are.

Every time I work on this project, I think of more things I want to try, and I always come away from it feeling inspired and excited about the next pages. That is a sign of a very good project. I’m really grateful for it. (You can see Week 1 here).

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