Project Life: Beginnings and Week 1

While I was working on a month-by-month scrapbook of our first year of married life, I decided it was so much fun that I wanted to continue. I also felt like putting a whole month on one page was forcing me to cut out way too much stuff that I wanted to save and write about. So I decided to do it Project Life style! A lot of my favorite bloggers use this format, and I’ve been watching them preserve beautiful memories since January. I never really considered it as an option for myself (I always seem to hear about these things too late!), but after finishing up our album for our anniversary a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a go. There are really great materials that come with Project Life, but I realized that for now it made more sense for me to use the materials that I have and make myself, so I am just taking inspiration from the spirit of the project: a week-by-week scrapbook and memory saver. It might seem kind of crazy to start in June, but, then again, it is the start of a new year of marriage for us, and, in the words of my favorite blogger, sometimes the best thing you can tell yourself is “just start!” So I did! This is my cover page (I use 12×12 pages in plastic sleeves, which I’ve taken off for the photos. I hold things down with transparent picture corners and my trusty glue stick). Our initials at the top were made using stencils I bought at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse years ago, and the racing tape is from a set I bought in the toy section of Target (go figure!). The colored circles are from notecards I painted with leftover paint from my pinwheel painting. I punched them out with a simple circle punch. The “ECB” pressed into it has a really sweet story. Those are Eric’s initials, but they are also our initials together. The press was a graduation gift to Eric years ago, but he just realized that now I am part of those initials too, so he gave it to me. I love it.

I decided that I would give every special event (anniversary, Christmas, etc.) its own page, as well as trips we take together. Our first anniversary fell under both of those categories, and I gave it two pages. This is the first one, with lots of writing and a handful of pictures.

I can’t ever go anywhere without bringing home an extra map, so I put in this one of Balboa Island. The little logo is from the menu of the place where we ate lunch. I love collecting these little things and having a place to put them.

And this is the first week of the project. It makes me so happy because these are exactly the kind of everyday little details that would likely be forgotten if we didn’t write them down: a weekend walk, making ice cream, talking about a book we enjoyed. It’s those simple things that I most want to capture. For this page I used a strawberry basket to do some stamping (thanks for the idea, Martha Stewart!) and experimented with writing all over the place. I like it!

I am planning to work on this project two weeks at a time because that seems like a reasonable interval to have photos printed. I hope soon I’ll be into a routine with it. I will tell you, I made a colossal mess working on it this weekend. It was *so* much fun. (And then I organized all my supplies and felt like a champion!) I have one million ideas of things I want to include in these pages, and I am so excited about it. Nothing like a good project!

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