On Laughing At Myself

Laughing at myself is something I try to do every day, and it’s not very hard at all. I am kind of ridiculous sometimes, as this ensemble indicates. This picture was taken way back in my early grad school days, when I went to visit some college friends in South Carolina. Under rather dubious counsel I bought both of these pairs of shoes and was then convinced to wear one of each of them to go out dancing. Good times!

This little incident reminded me of something I read in old journal of mine a few days ago. It was also from my early grad school days, when a friend and I had gotten cheap rush tickets to the San Francisco opera. He leaned over and whispered to me that he felt out of place amid all the glitz and glamour. I leaned right back over and told him that my shoes were being held together by multiple staples. For some reason, this never ceases to put me in stitches. Would that I had a picture of those shoes too, but memory will have to suffice. And it does! On laughing at yourself, I don’t have any more wisdom to share than this: do it early, do it often, do it your whole life through.  It makes things so much more fun. Especially if you’re wearing shoes held together by staples.

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