Old and Busted/New Hotness

The title of this post comes from a facebook note my sweet husband wrote before I met him. His old bike was kind of a clunker, and it got stolen, so he was showing off his shiny new replacement. This post has the same spirit, but it’s about…my new computer! I have not had a new computer since my master’s exams, and let me just tell you, it has been a while. The Sony Vaio that carried me through the rest of my PhD program, including my dissertation, was slow enough to make me truly crazy, so in February my husband gave me his old Mac Book because he is the sweetest. It has been awesome, but it’s getting on in years, and last week the screen died. We took it to the Apple store, and they said it could be repaired…for a hefty fee. That’s kind of what we expected, and it didn’t make sense to invest that kind of money in an older laptop. So we bought a new one last night! My husband loves capturing my multitude of facial expressions on occasions like these, so here is a little photojournalistic essay of the situation. This is me making my “ultimate in sad” face, with the busted Mac Book.

And this is me realizing that my Vaio has been turned on…since February. It was still on the Russian medical dictionary website I used for my last translation. Wow, I have not seen that screen in a long time!

And here is my “ultimate in happy” face opening the Mac bag. It started raining on us after we left the store, so we were especially grateful for the bag!

Here it comes…


Opening the box!

Computer, I love you already! It’s not so much that I place great value on material things or, heaven knows, that I am some kind of technology guru, but I am just really excited about the things I am going to do with this computer. I’m excited for all the photos I’ll process and all the blog posts I’ll write and all the Big Projects that this little guy will make possible. It makes me happy to think of it.

This is the obligatory blurry hand waving shot.

So, a pretty good night! Eric helped me get all set up and transfer my files, and it feels great to not be anywhere near the hard drive max! Oh, the places we’ll go and the things we’ll do together, computer. Welcome to your new home!

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