Go Team!

I was never a cheerleader (except when I wore my mom’s old middle school uniform for Halloween and for a surprisingly successful lip synch rendition of “Leader of the Pack), but this skirt caught my eye at the thrift store. I love the gold trim, and tennis-style skirts like this are just the ticket for hot summer days. (My husband would also point out that they’re Cal colors: go Bears!) This seemed like the right thing for these Olympic-laden weeks, when I think I’ll be typing up all my blog posts on commercial breaks. We hardly ever watch tv live, but Eric has this magic antenna thing that turns his computer into a tv (I don’t understand how these things work, I just appreciate them), and we break it out for things like the Olympics and the Superbowl. I wouldn’t call myself an athlete anymore (I used to swim), but I am just fascinated by people doing things with their bodies that I could never do. Wow. So here is my slightly red, white, and blue tribute to that, with splashes of lots of other colors too, since I respect any athlete who has the talent and dedication to compete, wherever they may come from (and let’s be honest, as long as that Parade of Nations was, it was singularly majestic as well).

I wanted to wear my button collar shirt to add an echo of a border to the look and because I don’t wear this shirt nearly enough. I am hereby moving it to the top of the stack in my drawer.

I wanted to add some extra shine to the belt line, and Eric pointed out that I was wearing every medal color. It was unintentional, but I’ll totally take credit for it.

I bought these white flats at the thrift store last fall, and I haven’t worn them too much yet, but they are surprisingly comfortable for shoes with a bunch of holes in them. I don’t get the sense that they will hold up too long, but maybe this summer will be their swan song.

For the past few months, every couple of weeks, I have been sneaking up behind Eric and saying, “Olympics! Olympics! Olympics!” It’s always been a special thing that we’ve shared, and I’m so excited that they’re finally here…even though I have been staying up entirely too late watching, and I am sure that is going to catch up with me at some point. I hope you’re enjoying them too!

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