Dots on Dots

I love to travel, and we have had such a great string of weekend adventures this year. But sometimes it’s good to have a relaxing weekend at home and catch up on all the things you’ve been neglecting. It feels like it’s been ages since my last style post, so I was really happy we could squeeze a shoot in yesterday. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear: dots on dots!

These are almost all pieces I have had for quite a while. I got the silk top at a thrift store ages ago. I adore the bubble sleeves!

I love this skirt for so many reasons. The way the fabric is cut, it almost looks like it’s made of a dozen ties, and it has a fun slit on one side for nice movement.

And, on a day as windy as yesterday was, there is plenty of said movement!

The belt is from a thrifted dress that didn’t fit at all. If it’s too big, you can take it in–if it’s  too small, you can always keep the belt!

The necklace is the only new addition–I found it a few months ago at my favorite thrift store for $2. I adore the shade of green and the heavy feel of the beads.

The shoes are my beloved red heels. Cannot stop wearing them! Dear 80s, Good job making comfortable heels!

I have to reiterate how impossible it is not to smile when Eric is taking pictures of me. His smile is totally infectious!

He wanted to try his hand at some lens flares, and I love how they came out! Very atmospheric, almost like a sunset in gaseous form alighting on the shoulders.

This was such a lovely weekend, and I’m sorry to see it go. We had a delicious Italian dinner on Friday and then wandered around town, discovering that movies are projected on the wall of an old building downtown on Friday nights in the summer. Happiness! On Saturday we went to an art crawl and stumbled upon a little symphony of children playing music on a street corner. Once my ears filtered out the surrounding noise, I realized they were playing…Canon in D. I held Eric and cried for joy. The very best thing about walking down the aisle to a popular piece of music is that you are guaranteed a lifetime of sonic memories, and you can relive those moments every time you hear the chords. Hope you all had a beautiful weekend too!

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