Around Town

I’ve been snapping a lot of quick pictures these past few weeks as Eric and I have been out and about, and I wanted to compile them into some kind of miniature treasury of Pasadena in the summer. So, here goes. Norma’s Tacos is just about the cutest little place I’ve ever seen. We stumbled upon it on a Sunday afternoon walk, and I was utterly charmed. I love restaurants that used to be other things, and gas stations pretty much top the list. They were closed when we stopped by, but I want to go back and try their nopales tacos.

They have so lovingly restored the gas pumps that I was expecting Humbert Humbert to pull up in the old Haze jalopy any minute.

In other cute restaurant news, this little place called Ginger opened in an old convenience store across the street from a park I frequent. I haven’t been inside yet, but I saw some pictures, and it looks adorable in there.

While this picture is totally grainy, I am so glad I took it. It’s taken from the parking garage where we left the car when we went to buy my new computer. It started raining on us on the way back (such a rarity around here!), and then Eric noticed that the sunset was just incredible, full of rich purples and pinks. The air was so muggy and thick, you’d think the sky was just melting, color by color.

I might have laughed at you a year ago if you’d told me that my main use for the iPhone would be to take pictures of beautiful colors I see in the course of my daily life, but it is, in fact, really good for that. This shade of green is so gorgeous to me.

Nothing like an antique clock to complete the ensemble.

This last picture is from the Athenaeum, where we went last night for a reception honoring this big project Eric is working on. We wondered if there would be enough food to make it dinner…and then we ate our weight in cheese. Really, really good cheese. Going to the Ath always feels special (it’s a Caltech club they built so that Einstein would have a suitable place to wine and dine), and I’d like to think I’m capturing it bit by bit. I only take a few pictures each time I go, but I hope they’ll add up to a record of the magnificent place it is and to the handful of special occasions I’ve celebrated there.

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