The Week in Pictures

If I had to choose two words to describe this week, they would be…sweltering. And busy. But then I’d throw in happy too, because any day that I can be with Eric is a happy day, and also we found out this week that we don’t have to move in August when our original lease is up, so hurray! We are so glad we won’t be all tied up in that for the next few months, and (I am) so glad that now that we know we’re staying, I can put a lot more stuff up on the walls! And maybe we’ll get a grill for our balcony. One step at a time. In a celebratory mood, I took this shot on my way home from work yesterday. Sun in palm trees never really gets old.

This week I tried to make a sourdough starter, in a mad dash to get to a few more of my June goals. It was a comic failure. Just…wow. What I really learned from this process is that I need to save it for a time when I can give it more attention, and that’s okay with me. I tried, and I’m not sure I would have if I hadn’t set it as a goal. I call that a success!

This week I finally took a picture of the old goal sign at the gym. I glance at it so many times while I’m going around the track, and, I have to say, it is the most aesthetically pleasing part of each quarter mile. This is just a quick phone picture, but I’ll get a better one soon.

This week I have been reading Twyla Tharp‘s The Creative Habit, and it has been awesome. Ali Edwards recommended it, and then Elise Blaha recommended it, so I thought the chances of it being great were high, and I was not wrong. I’m taking notes as I go, and parts of it are really flooring me, like this one. Thank you, ladies, for pointing us in a fabulous direction!

This picture is technically from last week, but I’m including it because even though I finished Jeffrey EugenidesThe Marriage Plot on Friday night (after starting it on Thursday afternoon!), Eric is reading it this week, and that is really fun. We’re comparing notes, and I love hearing him laugh in the other room and remembering how I laughed at that part too. I will tell you plainly, though: this novel knifed me in the gut. Repeatedly. It goes on a very short list of novels that have absolutely slayed me. I was grieving for these characters throughout the whole weekend, and that just does not happen very often. It’s the best possible kind of pain. My training is as a literary scholar, and there is nothing more verboten in that realm than identifying with the characters. However, my training is also in being a human being, and I have been doing that considerably longer, and from that perspective, I am grateful for any work of work of fiction that shows me more about myself than a look in the mirror does. Good work, Mr. Eugenides, good work.

Meals this week have been quick go-tos, made from our farmer’s market bounty. None of them are particularly photogenic, but this lentil and goat cheese salad with mustard vinaigrette is to die for.

And finally, here are some pretty flowers I always pass by on my way to work. I love their big flat petals and the way they are arranged like a garland here. They are similar to hydrangeas, but the petals are different and not so close together. Nabokov would kick me for not knowing what they are, so if anyone wants to tell me, feel free! They remind me so much of Hawaii, and that makes me smile. Hope you’ve all had a happy week too!

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