Summer Bounty

I kind of love these Friday posts. For the most part, I have things planned out for the week, but I leave Friday open for anything that may be on my mind or for sharing my pictures from the week. I like the spontaneity of it, and I like being surprised by the treasures I find on my phone, snapped and forgotten, and now resurrected! Eric and I brought home a ton of fresh produce from the farmer’s market on Saturday, and we still have a lot left, so I think it will be a delicious weekend. Early summer always feels like pizza season for me. Even though it is torture to turn the oven on in the summer, gorgeous produce that will shine with a bit of bread and cheese makes it worth it. This is a favorite of ours: corn, lime, and cilantro…and this time we added a big meaty tomato. Tastes like summer!

Tonight I made another classic: squash, zucchini and quinoa with smoked paprika and feta. There’s no recipe, really–I just eyeball it, and that is a good feeling. I thought the squash was so pretty.

Also, the lilies Eric gave me last week are in full bloom. I love getting an eye full of summer every time I head toward the kitchen. And, in the interest of keeping things real, I have to tell you that there are hilarious things going on over here. Eric and I have this tendency to work really hard on our anniversary presents for each other, such that it becomes kind of comical in the last week before the big celebration. Because we tell each other everything, we’re often at dinner saying, “Hey! Today I…uh, nevermind!” Tonight I’ve been holed up in our bedroom while Eric is doing secret things in the office. In addition to being pretty funny, this situation makes us really really happy to spend time together and finally share all of our secret surprises on our anniversary. And then I can share them with you! Between secret things and a really busy work week, I have missed you all on Twitter and the interwebs in general, but I’m looking forward to catching up very soon!

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