Our Wedding: My Dress

I started this blog several months after Eric and I got married, so I never really did any wedding posts, but now that our anniversary is coming up, I am planning a whole week of them to relive the glory of it all! Since I usually do style posts on Mondays, I thought I would start with my wedding dress. And I should say before I go any further that all of our wedding pictures were done by Amy Dale Photography, and that she is seriously *the best*! I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough, so if you are in the Memphis area, give her a call!

The story of my dress is kind of a funny one. I had a really strong idea of what I wanted. Nothing strapless, nothing lacy, nothing sparkly. I wanted something simple and elegant and white. The hilarity began when I started looking for dresses with my mom. I tried on those simple, elegant, white dresses. And they looked awful on me! I looked like someone’s very tacky prom date–it was bad news! So I started trying on different types of dresses. I quickly learned that when you are pale as a sheet, white is not exactly flattering. Ivory and champagne are much better. Lesson learned.

I further surprised myself by leaning toward the lacy dresses. The plain ones just did not do anything for me. Something about my complexion just made them look, well, not dressy enough to get married in. I ended up picking out the laciest and sparkliest dress in the store, and I loved it! I guess you learn something new about yourself every day.

I had a really hard time at first finding a dress that wasn’t strapless. They seem to account for about 85% of wedding gowns! While they look lovely, I just knew I was not going to be comfortable in one, and I didn’t want to spend the whole day tugging it up. When I first tried on my dress, it didn’t have sleeves, but they assured me that there were sleeves to match the dress, and they would be put on in time for my fittings. I ended up really loving  them, and I was so happy to feel like I could move around in my dress.

Aren’t they pretty?

My veil was just as sparkly, and I loved how the beads echoed my dress.

And, of course, my jewelry matched. I really adore this necklace. And my sweet Besfrinn and maid of honor lent me the pearl bracelet she wore in her wedding as my something borrowed. So sweet.

Looking back on these pictures, I remember how much I loved my dress and how excited I was to wear it, to walk down the aisle to the love of my life and the truest and dearest friend I have ever had. Though not without its hectic moments, our wedding day was the happiest, happiest day. That’s what I’ll remember, and that’s what I’ll carry with me.

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