New Shoes on a Windy Day

I am spoiled so rotten by the Bargain Barn in Memphis. I am so used to paying $1 per pair of shoes and $1.50 per pound of clothing that I almost never buy clothes or shoes anywhere else. It’s such a thrill to find great pieces hiding in the mass of materials there, and the unbeatable price is a giant bonus. As a result of this, I often turn my nose up at anything that costs more than a few dollars, even at a thrift store. Eric and I have been talking a lot about our priorities lately, and I’ve been pleased to find that mine are mostly not things. As long as I have coffee to drink and books to read, I like to put my money toward experiences, especially travel and projects I can work on. It’s not that I don’t love bright colors and bringing an artful touch to my wardrobe…it’s just that it isn’t a monetary priority for me. I told Eric a few weeks ago that I saw a dress I loved at the thrift store, but I just thought it was way too expensive. And because he is the sweetest husband ever, he gently reminded me that we have things like that in our budget, and that I work very hard, and that if I wanted that dress, I could definitely have it and feel good about buying it. This weekend I went back to the thrift store to get a few summer things…and the dress was still there! And half off! I suppose good things do come to those who wait! I bought the dress, which I think I will wear for our anniversary dinner, and…then I saw these shoes. They were not half off. But they were purple. And so cute and comfortable. And they fit me! So, I transported myself into a modest thrift store splurge frame of mind, and I bought them!

Here they are, in all their glory! I love the peep toes and the ruffles on top. And I love that they are platforms, which makes them so shockingly comfortable for heels. Happy dance! My toenails also happen to match the soles, and I appreciate this secret symmetry.

Today was blessedly cooler than the past week has been, so I pulled this gorgeous red silk top out of my closet and paired it with my brand new green belt (89 cents!) I have been wanting a green belt for ages, so I was really happy to finally find one.

This turquoise necklace belonged to my awesome Aunt Ellen many moons ago, so it is extra special to me. I love how it looks with red. I don’t usually match my necklace and earrings, but I was ensnared by the siren song of red and teal. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

My shorts are also new (to me), and I love their satiny feel and dress up/dress down capabilities. The mustard purse is a beloved Memphis find.

Even though the wind was blowing my hair everywhere, I did not mind it one bit. I hope it lasts through the week! Wherever you are this week, I hope you’re graced with a cool breeze and a well-deserved little splurge!

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