Meet Me in St. Louis: Central West End

I kind of can’t believe how many neighborhoods in St. Louis we hit up in one day. Four? Five? It was both epic and awesome. Here is part two of the adventure! After we had a sad goodbye with Eric’s parents, we headed over to the Central West End, which was just perfectly delightful. It’s such a gem of a neighborhood. I have not felt so much like I was in Europe…since I was in Europe! The streets were dotted with outdoor seating and sweet little shops and restaurants. And I thought the moped was a nice touch too, I have to say.

In addition to the great shopping and strolling areas, the neighborhood is full of these gorgeous old homes. It always surprises me how comforting brick is to me, but that’s what we make things out of where I’m from, and whenever I see it elsewhere, it just warms my heart.

The Central West End is also home to a glorious bookstore, where we spent plenty of time. Left Bank Books is somehow both spacious and cozy at the same time. Magic.

I wish we’d had time to eat at all of these little places!

And, being a Slavist, I had to take a picture of this sign. I am not much of a vodka girl myself, but the place was packed!

All in all, we had a lovely afternoon in the Central West End. I must have some travel gene running deep in my veins because there is almost nothing I love more than exploring new places, and I have an exhilarating belief that every place is worth exploring! My life has been so enriched by the places I’ve been able to see, and I am giddy thinking about the ones I will hit up next! Wherever you’re heading, happy travels!

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