Ketchup and Mustard

It feels like ages since I’ve done a style post–it’s good to be back! I really like wearing pretty things and having a sweet husband who is always willing to smile at me while taking my picture. I love that this look is very ketchup and mustard, with a few accent colors as well (because I don’t think I could ever wear just two colors!) This dress is a treasure, and I’m thrilled that it’s held up as long as it has. I bought it in Brazil way back when I was in college. It surprises me sometimes how little my taste has changed, or perhaps how it has come full circle. In any case, purple and red have never ceased to be two of my favorite colors!

This dress is really light and perfect for a sweltering day, but by evening it was cooling off, so I put on my beloved yellow sweater. A marvelous thrift store find.

The green belt is also a recent thrift store find, and I made this little yarn-wrapped bracelet out of a yogurt container. We’ve got tons of them!

I made this necklace from some bugle beads my mom gave me (thanks, mom!), and these black pearl earrings are from our honeymoon in Hawaii. I love them.

And finally, my new shoes! These are the ones I bought for our anniversary and didn’t end up wearing (we were too tired and sunburned to dress up!) Nonetheless, I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of them!

The fact that we were able to take these pictures at all was such a gift. Eric was scheduled to be at work all weekend (I mean ALL weekend) for a big project, but they had things well in hand on Saturday morning, so they sent him home. Hurray! He was still checking in and staying on call, but it was so much nicer to be able to spend time with him. It made me pretty ecstatic, and we had such a fun weekend together. Hope yours was great as well!

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