Things I’m Grateful for This Week

I am on something of a gratitude mission this year, and this week has been a really special one. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I’ve found myself feeling incredibly grateful that my ordinary is so wonderful. That, I think, is definitely a gift! It has been really great to be back at work after a few weeks off, and I am loving my daily routines and the different part of town I get to visit Monday through Friday. Absolutely everything is blooming and growing, and it is a sight to behold. A few days ago I walked past these raspberries and just could not believe my eyes. There they were, just poking their little heads out on a busy street. This gives me great hope that someday, when I have some yard to work with, I can coax beautiful things out of the earth.

I am also grateful for a sunny afternoon spent out by the pool, magazine in hand. This magazine is really pretty awesome too, I have to say. So helpful for an LA newbie! And, of course, it felt very fitting to read it poolside.

Eric was away Monday and Tuesday for work, and while I was bummed not to get to spend Memorial Day with him, I made good use of the time, working on his secret wedding anniversary presents! I only have a few weeks left, so it’s good to get cracking! When Eric came home on Tuesday, he was really tired from staying up all night controlling a telescope (ah, the life of an astronomer!), and yet he talked to me for hours about how my day had been and everything that happened to be on my mind. My goodness, I love him so much. Then he helped me with a sewing project by pinning some pants for me so I could take them in. He is so very supportive of everything I do, especially creatively, and this act of selflessness really knocked my socks off. He really never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful for him.

I am also really grateful for dinners on the balcony. This always feels like a special indulgence, especially on nights when a cool breeze is finally coming in and you have a wonderful husband to split a beer with. And I’m grateful for pictures that are definitely not perfect, but that still capture the moment without intruding on the moment itself.

And I am grateful that my awesome friend Amanda introduced me to the world’s most perfect dessert via Pinterest. Stuff a chocolate chip into a raspberry! Voila! I have been enjoying these little gems all week.

And speaking of dessert, I’m grateful for our first ice cream! We learned a lot in the process, and we will make some changes next time, but this batch of vanilla bean with chocolate chips was completely delicious! It makes me really happy to eat very healthfully all day, so I have the energy I need at work, but after a nutritious and delicious dinner, I am ready for some dessert! We are scheming about what our next flavor will be: fun!

And, I am most grateful for this: Eric came home from the farmer’s market tonight with a bouquet of lilies for me, just because. Flowers never fail to brighten my day, but these are special, and I’ll tell you why. Ages ago, when Eric and I first started dating, I invited him over for dinner (first time I ever made quinoa!), and he brought me a bouquet with lilies, just because. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness, and my main memory of that evening is that we could hardly eat because we could not stop smiling at each other. I had this crazy wonderful feeling that something seriously amazing was happening…and I wasn’t wrong! In the years that we dated, Eric had to be away for a handful of months here and there for research, and the biggest trip was to Australia. He was away for three long months, and I dreaded it. The day before he left, he brought me a huge bouquet of lilies. I knew by then that such a bouquet would last a solid two weeks, so I decided to measure the time he was away in lilies. Every two weeks, I bought a new bouquet, and I knew I was two weeks closer to having him home. Almost a year ago, I walked down the aisle to Eric with white lilies in my hands. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. So tonight, when he brought me these, I could celebrate again, and be grateful for the fact that he is here with me.

And finally, I am grateful for YOU! Having this space to write and share my thoughts and projects really means the world to me, and it is indescribably rewarding getting to know those of you who stop by. Thank you! Whether you come by once a week or once a year, whether you comment all the time or not at all, thank you for being here and for your support of what I do and who I am. You put a smile on my face every single day.

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