Signs of Summer

Even though autumn has my heart, there are so many things about summer that I adore. This past Saturday, Eric and I went to the big farmer’s market for the first time in ages, and we have been gleefully feasting on its fruit (literally!) ever since. We bought a big bag of cherries, a whole flat of strawberries, several nectarines, a few ears of corn, and dill and green onions for potato salad. In Berkeley, we’d always rejoice on the magical day when the rows of onions and citrus would be replaced by peaches and melons, and it still amazes me what having fresh fruit will do for your quality of life. Cold cherries have got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Another glorious development is that all of the star of jasmine bushes outside our building are in bloom. The one consolation that a really hot day brings is the wall of sweet jasmine fragrance that hits you as you walk out the door. It is absolutely one of my favorite things.

And speaking of blooms, I saw these gorgeous freshly planted marigolds as I was out and about today. If that’s not summer sunshine in a flowerbed, I don’t know what is.

And finally, you know it’s summer when you find yourself slathering fresh whipped cream and strawberries on cake. Inspired by my BFF’s recent baking adventures, I tried this out on my spice cake, and it was *divine*. Summer, come on in. My door’s open.

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