Idyllwild: A Taste of the Town

Before we got married, Eric and I talked a lot about what our goals and hopes were for our marriage, and we were really to happy to find that our lists were very similar. One of the things we both expressed was a desire to take at least one little trip together a year, just to give ourselves a chance to unwind and enjoy some quality time in a new setting. Eric and I love to travel together and see new places, and it’s just one of the reasons why we make a really great team. I was thrilled to get to go to Aspen with him in January, but since he was at a conference, it wasn’t a totally relaxing getaway for him. I was on the lookout for a good deal for a few months, and eventually I stumbled upon one (on livingsocial, which I highly recommend!) for the little mountain town of Idyllwild, about two hours from here. As a bonus, it was a place Eric had specifically wanted to explore, and my love for little mountain towns knows no bounds. So, we booked it!

We stayed at the Strawberry Creek Bunkhouse, which is a really sweet little necklace of cabin-like rooms, all with their own balconies and kitchens. It was a little bit hard to find it when we arrived late Friday night, but there’s nothing like being in a place with no streetlights, where you can really see the stars and smell wood fires burning. Thankfully, someone pointed us in the right direction, and we got settled in. Every morning they leave a basket of scones, fruit, and fresh lemon curd hanging on your door for breakfast. It was heavenly.

In spite of some early worries about wasps (they were as big as small birds, I kid you not!), we were able to spend a relaxing afternoon out on the balcony, reading and drinking tea. I actually read an entire book in one day. That is the ultimate vacation luxury! I also got a kick out of the little lizards, which were everywhere. I like reptiles and amphibians of all kinds, but these were especially cute, and I loved the sound of their tiny feet on the wood.

Speaking of wood, maybe the thing I loved the most about Idyllwild was the deep scent of the pine trees. The town is nestled right into the San Jacinto mountains, and the cool forest fragrance permeates the air everywhere you go. They also have some seriously impressive carvings around town. This one had a big sign that said, “Photo Opp!,” so I, of course, obliged.

We spent Saturday morning roaming around town, which was really delightful. We love exploring together, but maybe also our current residence in a gigantic metropolis makes us appreciate small communities even more.

 This tiny little town has multiple bookstores, and for that it gets an extra five stars in my book.

And it even has several thrift stores! We popped into this one, where I got a cute necklace and a big coffee mug (the one at the hotel wasn’t big enough) for a grand total of 54 cents. Awesome!

I loved this sign on one of the restaurants. So sweet.

And I loved this Wild West store, which had an impressive array of boots, and also, this giant hat on its sign.

And I especially loved this vintage sign on the wall of the local coffeehouse, where they roast their own beans. If the word “paradise” is coming to your mind…then you are not far from where my mind was this weekend!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t also show you these Sasquatch crossing signs, which have been diligently placed all over town.

We were totally charmed and had such a wonderful weekend away. We spent most of the time smiling at each other, laughing uproariously, remembering some of our favorite moments in our relationship, and making new memories. We are coming up on four years together this summer (and one year being married!), and I am still seriously pinching myself every day. I cannot believe that in this whole wide world, we found each other, two halves that make one whole. I love him so much and am so grateful for him, and for this really special time we got to spend together.


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