Heading to the Farm!

I’m really excited to say that on Sunday Eric and I are heading home to his parents’ farm for the week! It is such a beautiful and special place to me: the place where my sweet husband toddled around in the grass as a youngster, the place to which my wonderful parents in law have dedicated their hands and their hearts for over 30 years. This is the old barn, which, in a previous life, was the home of an earlier generation of farmers. The wooden part was the house, and the darker part in the front was a later addition. That palpable history just makes it all the more lovely.

Family is so important to Eric and to me, and we both try to make it home at least once a year. We didn’t get to the farm last year because we were busy getting married in Memphis, but now that I have met so much more of his family, I am even more thrilled to be heading that way. As if Eric weren’t already a gift enough in my life, his family is so incredibly kind and welcoming to me, and I am so happy that now they are my family too. I can’t wait to give them giant hugs!

There are so many things I am excited to see and do at the farm. This city girl is always happy to take a stroll around the pond and catch sight of frogs, owls, deer, and any other animals that may be out to play. I hope we’ll have time for a spin around the pond in the rowboat and some star gazing at night with Eric’s telescope. And those sunsets at the farm, they are just unreal. But more than anything I am looking forward to the conversations we’ll have. Eric’s mom is an amazing cook, and some of my favorite memories from visiting the farm are the laid-back evenings we spend at the table, talking about anything and everything, and knowing in our hearts the peace and comfort that only family can bring. There is such an overwhelming joy in the feeling that you are deeply known and deeply loved, and that joy is always present at the farm.

This trip is going to be all the more special because Eric’s brother is also coming for a few days (yay!), and then, on our last day in town, we’ll all meet up with my parents in St. Louis. Have I mentioned yet how excited I am?! Although I’ll be away next week, I have posts written, scheduled, and ready to go, so there will still be something new here every morning, Monday through Friday. I will probably only be checking in intermittently, so if I am slow to respond to comments, it’s not because I don’t wholeheartedly appreciate them, but probably just that I’m in the middle of a welding lesson or a great conversation! I will miss you all and hope you have a fantastic week! I’m looking forward to sharing more about our trip when we get back!

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