Easy DIY Picture Frame Embellishment

I love these vintage postcards of Hawaii that we bought on our honeymoon. I love them so much that I bought a bunch of cheap frames, painted them, and put up a whole wall of old school Hawaii charm. A few months ago, when we were in Culver City with my little brother, I found a few old Martha Stewart magazines in a thrift store. These are pure gold, and I buy them no matter what year they’re from. Good taste and creativity never go out of style, do they? This little project is just one of the gems I found in them. Basically, you glue dried beans to picture frames, in whatever design you like. If there is anything I’ve always got on hand, it’s dried beans! I love how this project gave new life to this little picture gallery. And I love any DIY I can do with supplies I already have in the house.

There is not a lot to this project at all: just glue, frames, and beans!

I used both white and black beans as accents, to complement the color of the frames. I love how the black beans actually look like coffee beans, so near and dear to my heart. They remind me of the amazing coffee plantation we visited in Kauai. So glorious! I tried two different designs with the beans, but there are lots more! You can cover the whole frame in beans (if you have the patience) or give it a staggered look by skipping every other bean or using different colors.

I just did a couple of the frames in my gallery, and I like the fresh look it has now. I may do some more in the future, but for now, this is making me smile!

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