DIY Yarn Wrapped Bracelets

I made these bracelets last week, and I am in love with them. They are really easy, and they make great use of a few items of which I have a serious surplus.

One of them is this pretty yarn. My awesome aunt gave it to me many moons ago, and I have used it for a few felting projects. It’s really thick and scratchy yarn (closer to carpet yarn than wool), though, so it’s not exactly something you’d want to make a sweater out of. Thus, it has been languishing in my knitting basket for a while. I have always loved these two colors together (so bright and spring-like!), and I thought I’d try them for this project.

The other surplus item is…yogurt containers! Ages ago, I saw a bracelet made out of old ties, buttons, and yogurt containers, and I was intrigued. I asked Eric to start saving them for me, and the result has been the source of much laughter in the intervening weeks. We really like yogurt!

To get started, I used a box cutter (be careful!) to make a slit in the plastic, and then I cut it the rest of the way with some all-purpose scissors (not my sewing scissors). I just wanted the top inch or two below the lip (the middle circle in the picture), and it was easy to cut. I straightened the jagged edges, and voila: a bracelet base!

For the two-strand bracelet, I cut a length of both yarns and then tied them together inside the bracelet.

After that, I just wrapped them both around in alternating directions until I ran out of yarn, and then I tied on more. I used about three lengths of each yarn for this one, since otherwise the yarn would be too long to work with. I made sure that each tie-on was inside the bracelet, and then I tied them off again when the whole bracelet was wrapped. That’s it!

For the solid color bracelets, it’s even easier. You can either tape or glue the end of the yarn inside the bracelet, and then get wrapping!

When you’re done, just glue or tape the end on the inside of the bracelet.

That’s it! I am so happy with the way these turned out, and I can’t wait to wear them. Not bad for $0!

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