DIY Polka Dot and Plaid Dress

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my sewing machine lately, and it’s been so much fun. I have been planning to make this dress for ages, and I’m so happy I finally did! It is spliced together from two garments: the top is left over from the muumuuu I turned into a skirt, and the bottom is a plaid shirt that was too big for me. I love the patterns together!

Yesterday was *hot*, and I was glad to have a new dress to wear to the eclipse viewing.

I kept it fairly simple with accessories, but I knew I wanted to wear this bright splash of yellow. This is the necklace I made out of corn kernels from Eric’s parents’ farm. I have been missing them a lot this past week, and this necklace makes me feel closer to them.

This giant teal belt seemed obligatory, given my penchant for red and teal!

And, of course, my red heels!

So, how did I make this dress? It was pretty simple. I trimmed and shaped the bodice left over from the muumuu, and then sewed the seams.

Then I trimmed the plaid shirt just under the arms, so I was left with one basically rectangular piece of fabric.

Next I put a quick stitch all the way around the top part of the fabric (just under where I had cut it off from the sleeves). Once this stitch was in place, I used it to create a gather. All you have to do is pull on one stitch at a time (the top stitch or the bobbin stitch) and move the fabric down along the stitch. It sounds kind of hard, but it is really easy!

Once I had the skirt gathered to the same size as the bodice, I just stitched the two together and put in a hem at the bottom of the skirt. Voila!

I am by far not an expert in sewing, but I am trying to pick up new techniques as I go (with the help of some awesome books Eric’s mom gave me), and I am now happy with my hemming ability and my gathering skills. Next up: zippers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! (And if you have any sewing wisdom to impart, I am more than happy to hear it!)

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