A Little Garden Update

As I mentioned before, my miraculous plants were all still alive after our trip, and for this I thought they deserved a pat on the back and a front page picture! I just planted these herbs on Easter Sunday, mostly from seed. I have been so excited to see them sprouting and thriving out on the balcony! It seems to me that we never outgrow the wonder of watching something come to life, and that’s a beautiful thing. I had some great conversations with my mom about gardening this weekend, and she had some lovely thoughts on the process. And her garden expansion this year is truly impressive and inspiring! Here is my little contribution to the field (ha! pun not intended, but recognized and appreciated). Above you can see my dill, happy as a clam in its not-even-a-real-pot planter. It gets bonus points for being so humble and unassuming. It even has a few arugula sprouts mixed in by mistake, but I haven’t heard any complaints.

And here is the arugula (with a few dill sprouts for symmetry). I can’t believe this was just a pot full of dirt a month ago. It’s getting close to being ready for my salad bowl! As a side note, I realize that my planting method is unorthodox. So many seeds so close together! If I had some land (someday!), then I’d space them out in even rows, but this works for me: I trim them here and there as I need them, which prevents them from overcrowding and going to seed.

My quinoa is kind of growing like crazy! I am not sure if it will really produce any grains this season, but I am still happy to have it, with its pretty pale pink stems.

The parsley is coming up really nicely too, and I am so excited to see its little leaves growing!

A few of my little sprouts are still just beginning to push up through the soil. I’ve got a few tiny little basil plants sticking their heads up.

And, most excitingly, I have three or four little chamomile sprouts! I so hope they flower so I can turn them into tea. I will be the first to admit that I definitely have plenty to learn about gardening, but for now I am finding it nourishing to nurture these tiny seeds into plants. I look forward to the day when I can plant them in the ground, but the joy it brings me to head out to the balcony with my watering can every day makes me so glad that I didn’t wait for the perfect conditions. I’m grateful that happiness can be found along every step of the journey toward where we most want to be.

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