Waterfall Dress

Eric and I were away in the mountains this past weekend, and I was hoping we might have time for a quick shoot before dinner, but we were pretty beat from hiking, so it seemed like a cup of tea and a book on the balcony was the right idea. This look is similar to the one I wore to dinner there. My sweet mom gave me this brand new dress last time I was home (thank you!), and I *love* it. It is so simple and elegant, and also incredibly comfortable. I love how the neckline flows, like a waterfall.

Styling this dress was a bit of a challenge for me, since it’s such a departure from my typical color palette. I tried a lot of different combinations, but, perhaps not surprisingly, my usual jewelry (bright and plastic!) did not quite look right. Instead I went in a different direction: gold and minimal.

To say that this is an unusual path for me is an understatement, but I really love these pieces. This necklace is called my baby necklace because I wore it, you guessed it, when I was a baby. I brought it back with me a few trips ago, and it was the perfect length for this neckline.

The earrings were also a gift from my mom, and I love how the little hexagons spin!

Since I can never be parted from bright colors, I added this little red bangle. And my nails offer a little splash of color too!

The real centerpiece of the look, though, is the waterfall neckline. So pretty!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Can’t wait to share more about our weekend getaway later this week!

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