Ringing in Spring

I adore this dress. Cute as a button, fits like a glove, and features my favorite colors. It was such a lucky find at the thrift store. The crazy rain of Friday has given way to sunshine again, so after a lovely afternoon run (and shower!), I knew it was time to break it out.

I paired it with my beloved purple cardigan. I cannot get over all the shiny buttons: so fun!

I love the echo effect with my green button necklace, which I made a few years ago and have been wearing like crazy lately. I somehow managed to make it the perfect length without measuring at all, and that kind of jewelry-making good karma deserves to be put on display!

My favorite happy surprise about this dress is that it has pockets! I have proclaimed my love for dresses with pockets before, and I will proclaim it again: they are the best!

I grabbed my green envelope purse for an extra burst of spring. I love these old vintage purses, even if I will never be able to fit my Nalgene or my library books into them.

Once again, we wish we could have managed to squeeze in an outdoor shoot, but even with the sun staying out much later these days, we keep trying to cram just a bit too much into a Sunday. I’m still so grateful that I was able to go for a run and Eric a bike ride, though, that it’s hard to think I would have changed a thing about this day.

Every Sunday night, when I put these posts together, I am so thankful for the weekend that has passed us by (even if I wish it were one day longer!). I am thankful for the break from work, thankful for extra time to spend with my husband, thankful for however many hours of sunshine we basked in, thankful for the adventures we had and the people we shared them with. Maybe it makes Monday a little bittersweet, but I love having these bright and sunny memories to hold onto as I’m easing into a new week. Hope you all find the same!

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