Replanting Our Kitchen Garden

Last fall, I planted a little kitchen garden on our balcony. Even though we don’t get much light, I hoped that we could cultivate at least some fresh herbs for cooking. The garden was a total success…until the winter and the Santa Ana winds hit. Our lettuce, which does so well in the shade, was lying on its side after the storm. We had a nice salad that night, but I’ve been itching to get the herbs growing again ever since.

This weekend we finally got to it. Last fall, I bought most of our herbs already potted, but this spring I am mostly growing from seeds. Here’s hoping they all sprout! I made little tags for them with toothpicks, and I love them. And yes, I planted quinoa. A girl can dream.

I also planted chamomile. Fingers crossed! It would be awesome to have it fresh for tea.

Because we know that lettuces and green onions do well in the shade, we got a few heirloom blends to try. I can’t wait for the butter lettuce to peep up!

We haven’t tried to grow any vegetables yet, since we need more light and space for that, but I hope that by this time next year, we will have a serious garden. It is so wonderful to watch things grow. And eat them! I used some of our new thyme for a green lentil dip last night, and it was divine. Being able to savor the plants you grow is such a beautiful luxury.  Here’s to many delicious summer meals!

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