Polka Dots and Metallics

We have catapulted into summer here in Pasadena–on Friday it was 93 degrees, and I am told that in the summer it gets up to 120! I may eat nothing but chilled soup and mousse for months to come (more on that soon). This weekend, it mercifully cooled off just a bit, so we were able to take these pictures at high noon without melting or jumping kamikaze-like into the pool. I put together some of my favorite pieces and colors for a sunny Sunday afternoon outfit.

My sweet mom brought me this awesome purple polka dot top from Memphis. I love the chartreuse polka dots and the neckline. I paired it with my beloved red tennis skirt, a treasure from a thrift store many moons ago. There is nothing better for a hot day. Well, maybe a milkshake, but they can hardly be compared evenly!

Since I am a color-aholic, I put on my bright yellow beads for an accent. These also come from Memphis. I have them in several different colors, and I seriously wear them out!

The metallics are in my belt and my shoes. This tiny belt came with the suit that I bought for my PhD oral exam. I don’t know if I ever wore that suit again (well, maybe once), and now it doesn’t fit anymore, but I wear the belt all the time. A good investment, even if an unintended one! And there is also my big green chunky bangle: I can’t stop wearing it!

I got these shoes at my favorite thrift store in Pasadena, and I am so excited to have such unique flats! Shopping is, in a way, all about context, and I am so happy that thrifting brings items my way that I might never have noticed otherwise, but which I totally love.

And finally, this outfit would not be complete without the ultimate in color blocked purses! I love that it is so deliciously 80s.

It’s been a pretty quiet weekend around here, in anticipation of some busy ones to come. Next weekend Eric and I are heading to the mountains for a quick getaway, and then the weekend after that two dear friends of ours, who were in our wedding, are coming to stay with us. The next day we’ll be heading out to visit Eric’s family! I am so excited for all of these awesome things that it feels good to spend a weekend resting and planning for our travels. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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