Primary Colors

I am so happy to report that I’m on the mend. Feeling good enough to go outside at all was cause for celebration, and Sunday was such a lovely sunny day.

Eric has been telling me how pretty these blooming bushes on campus are, and he thought it would be the perfect place to do a shoot. I love him.

And I love this sweet shirt dress. I think it’s from the Bargain Barn, and my mom gave it to me when I was home in February. Thanks, mom! I love how light and comfortable it is, and I think I’m basically going to be living in it this summer.

This red striped belt is also from the Bargain Barn, and the bangles are from Jun Lee. Memphis is such a fashion mecca for me! I miss it, really, in so many ways I never could have imagined in high school.

I made this button necklace a few years ago from supplies I found at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (ah, how I miss you too!). It took some engineering input from Eric for me to figure out how to get them to lay flat (thank you!), and I love how it turned out.

When I was putting this look together, primary colors were really speaking to me, so I chose my new mustard purse for an accent.

And these are some of my favorite boots. They were handmade in Ecuador, and they came to me for one dollar at the Bargain Barn. Oh yes.

There’s another reason why I’m smiling this weekend: my Besfrinn had her baby on Saturday night! Her labor went really smoothly and quickly, and she is a rockstar. She called me half an hour after she was born, and when I heard her sweet baby girl cry, I immediately fell in love with her. Oh, happy day! Can’t wait to meet her!

That alone made this pretty much one of the best weekends ever. Hope yours was wonderful as well!

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