Honeymoon: Hanapepe

A few nights ago, Eric and I had the most delicious mango for dessert. It was a champagne mango, which we’d never tried before, and bow howdy, did it knock our socks off. It was so cool and rich and deeply flavorful, and it reminded me not only of our honeymoon in Hawaii, but of this incredible mango pie I had in Hanapepe. We ducked into a little cafe out of the rain, and there were pies everywhere: in the windows, on cooling racks, in display cases. I knew we had come to the right place. After a light lunch, I ordered the mango pie, which was insanely delicious. You could really taste the love and care that went into the buttery crust, and the fruit gave it a wonderful tang. A pie to remember is a beautiful thing.

Hanapepe is a tiny little town with an artistic bent. Along the main street, there are lots of antique stores and studios, as well as a great used book shop. Historical placards are posted on all of the buildings, so it was fun to stroll up and down the street, learning about the shops and homes that were there almost a century ago. I loved this old truck-turned-planter, beautifully painted with a space theme. Perfect for an astronomer on his honeymoon!

The truck is parked at what was once a gas station, and the pump is still there, now resplendent with a space theme too. Pretty.

Another lovely feature of Hanapepe is its swinging bridge. A beautiful wooden structure suspended by cables, it sways in the wind, of which there is plenty!

The bridge stretches out over this pretty river, quiet and peaceful on a sunny day.

It’s really only once you get out into the middle of it that you understand the swinging part. As the wind picks up, you suddenly find yourself with that old lurching subway feeling, although it is far more pleasant out here in the beautiful countryside than in a cramped BART car.

It makes me so happy to look back on these pictures of our honeymoon. It wasn’t so long ago at all, but I still find myself longing to go back. And maybe have some more of that pie. Here’s to a second honeymoon!

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