Easter Brights

I love Easter. I think maybe because I love fall so much, I forget what a miracle spring is every year. Those first days when I can leave my windows open, when the world is suddenly full of color, and the air is perfumed with the sweet smell of new life are always magical, and this year is no exception. I am especially happy, too, that Eric and I could spend Easter together, since our first two were spent apart. Every Easter that I’m not skyping him in Australia or New Mexico feels like a gift to me. And this gift was very special indeed, our first Easter together as a married couple. We had a beautiful weekend, and bright and celebratory colors were in order.

My sweet mom gave me this lovely dress, and I adore it. Not only does it have this pretty braid detail around the neckline, but it has pockets! Us girls, we love pockets. Pockets make a Sunday dress functional enough for a trip to the nursery to buy new plants for the garden (one of our many projects this weekend!)

I am still wearing my beloved red heels, and I grabbed my little red purse for an echo effect. Additional sunshine is provided by my favorite chunky bracelet.

I love yellow with teal, so I knew I wanted to wear my corn kernel necklace. I made it in December out of corn grown on Eric’s parents’ farm. We just bought our plane tickets today to go and visit them in May–can’t wait!

Eric and I were kind of bummed that we ended up having to do this shoot inside–today was a busy day–but we are happy about how much time we spent outside this weekend. After being sick last weekend, I was so ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine. And that’s a big part of what this smile is about. That and the fact that it’s impossible not to smile at my husband when he’s taking these pictures!

I hope you all had a bright and beautiful weekend as well!

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