Simple Stripes

I am still slowly working my way through all the glorious bounty I brought back with me from the Bargain Barn in Memphis. This weekend was cold and rainy, making my Bay area nostalgia all the more acute, so I knew it was the right time to wear a big and baggy sweater. I love red and black together, and I wear it so much that it occasioned one of my nerdiest jokes of all time: on days when I wore these two colors, I’d ask my grad school comrades which Stendhal novel I was dressed as. I’ll be here all week, folks.

A big sweater calls for form-fitting pants, and thus I present my skinny jeans. I bought them at my favorite thrift store in Pasadena a few months ago, and I found that, wow, they are really remarkable if you actually want to tuck your pants into your boots. A revelation! And one that saved my feet and legs in Aspen, for sure.

The sweater itself is actually cotton, which is fabulous: not too warm, not too cold. I added one of my favorite necklaces as a color accent–I just can’t get enough of it. My mom got it at an estate sale years ago, and she sweetly gave it to me. I placed it kind of asymmetrically, which I think is kind of fun.

These vintage riding boots were given to me by a sweet co-worker in my old department. I just adore them. I love it when things magically come your way like that.

These little dreamcatcher earrings are from Jun Lee in Memphis–the world’s best place for bling! They are so light and delicate, and I love wearing them because they don’t pull on my ears at all.

And finally, there is my new purse! I was so excited when I found it at the Bargain Barn. It’s Hunt Club, ever so 80s preppy, and it’s real leather in marvelous condition. I love the weight of it, and its multiple carrying options.

But most of all I love that it’s sort of a glorified satchel and that it’s the perfect size and shape for your library book!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and hopefully one that was sunny and dry!

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