On Lists and Scheduling

I am a list loving girl. Thankfully, my husband loves them too, and we both totally geeked out over our mutual affection for them on our early dates. I like having things in one place, I like the (illusion of) order, and, most of all, I like remembering things. I’ve got lists all over the place, and, every now and then, I try to consolidate them into one giant and masterfully efficient List System. This, dear reader, is one of those moments. Let me show you some of the ways I have been keeping up with my blog ideas and post scheduling up to this point. The book you see above helps me keep track of what I’m doing on the blog. I bought it on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and it makes me happy. There are tabs for each subject, and I scribble my ideas, and, when I’ve posted about them, I highlight them. This is a pretty good system, when I can remember to do it.

But my desk is also covered with these: endless piles of notecards, detailing recipes, image numbers, and immediate blog plans or outlines of posts. There are also some truly boring ones, reminding me to make a dentist appointment or get the oil changed, or keeping up with the hours I’ve worked on freelance translating. You are starting to see the problem, yes? Notecards are awesome for so many reasons, and my husband won me over to their excellent multi-faceted potential long ago. The problem is keeping up with them. Since I’ve started working, I’m coming home each day to a brick wall of tired, and it’s hard for me to remember which ideas are where, which projects I’m trying to finish, or where to start with the blog. Since I have less time to work on projects, I started feeling like I needed a funnel for my projects, or at least some kind of neon light system, telling me, “Hey! Remember me, that necklace you started last week? Finish me!” or “Hey! Don’t you remember you bought avocados to bake Joy the Baker’s avocado pound cake?” And thus, the new system was born!

I got this little magnetic notepad at the craft store for a dollar, and I use it for two things: to remind me of which projects are current, and to plan the week’s blog posts. I have my projects categorized at the top, and I’ve just jotted down a few things to focus on for each week (and, of course, many of them will carry over from week to week, like that blanket!)

There is also a section that I call “For the Greater Good,” which reminds me of things that really have to be done, like cleaning the bathrooms before my parents come to visit (don’t worry–it will get done!). Cleaning out the dresser and closet really have to be tackled in order to make room for what I call “new acquisitions” (ah, librarian talk!) from Memphis. I am hoping to put together a clothing swap party with some lovely ladies soon, and that’s where some of my things that don’t fit anymore will find a happy new home.

Although I realize that the days of the week are printed at the top, I had to be an iconoclast and put the blog post schedule at the bottom. Usually, my sweet husband takes style photos of me over the weekend, and I post them on Monday. But after that, it’s a free-for-all. I usually like to leave Friday open for anything that may come up during the week, or for more large-scale reflections. So, that’s my new system! So far, it’s been really helping me a lot. And I think it helps to reflect on it too–there’s always something to be gained from examining why we do do things the way we do. How do you organize your projects and blog posts? I would love to hear any tips you might have, since I’m always learning as I go!

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