Green and Black

This is the dress I wore as the maid of honor in my Besfrinn’s wedding. That was such an incredibly fun and beautiful day–it’s hard to describe how much joy you feel when someone you love so much finds someone who loves them just the same, someone who complements them in the most wonderful ways, and then you get to celebrate with them and wish them well as they start their new adventures together. I cannot believe how many years ago that was, but it feels all the more special now that she and her husband are just weeks away from welcoming a sweet baby girl into the world! I love the bright green color of the dress, and I thought I would try it with a top to transform it into a flowy maxi skirt. Mission accomplished!

This cashmere sweater was a treasure of a find from a thrift store many moons ago. I love its little sparkly spots and the tulle bow.

Since it’s kind of a formal look, I grabbed my shiniest bling. These earrings are from Berlin, where I studied some summers ago, and I love the jingling noise they make.

My mom found this amazing necklace at the Bargain Barn, and then, wonderful soul that she is, she gave it to me. I like how the triangles in the earrings contrast with the round beads in the necklace.

This bracelet was a gift from my parents for my 21st birthday. I still remember opening it with glee at the finest restaurant in Oberlin, Ohio (Weia Teia, I miss you!) Sapphire is my birthstone, so it was especially sweet.

I found these pretty shoes at my favorite thrift store in Pasadena. I cannot tell you that they are comfortable, but, ah, they make me feel glamorous!

I love the feel of this look. On a windy afternoon, this dress dances on its own.

Speaking of dancing, my parents are in town, and that is always cause for celebration. We have had a lovely weekend spending time with my little brother, hitting the beach, drinking tons of coffee, and eating some amazing food. They are so wonderful, and I am so grateful for them, and for all the fun we have together! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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