Guys, I am sick. No-more-denying it, elephant-sitting-on-my-sinuses, don’t-feel-like-doing-anything, every-breath-is-miserable sick. Ugh. Nonetheless, there are some happy moments to be found. Today our drinking glasses finally arrived! And none of them were broken! This is nothing short of a miracle, and especially because they’ve been on back order for ages and the shipment has been delayed at least four times. (These are totally ordinary glasses, by the way. Mysterious!) I was starting to think I’d be drinking out of my Nalgene forever, but, hurrah, those days are over!

I’m also extremely grateful for my sweet husband, who made me polenta and eggplant by request for dinner, since I wanted something warm and soothing. He is the best. Especially because every time I thank him for cooking dinner/doing all the dishes/doing all the laundry, he tells me he loves me and that I do all those things for him all the time. *Swoon.*

And I’m grateful that I have a husband who will kick back and watch Portlandia with me on a Thursday night, because that sounds like the only thing I’m really capable of. My feet are the chubby ones on the left, bulked up by my beloved 30 Below socks. I am also most grateful to be posting this from the comfort of my own bed, where he’s sitting by my side, keeping me company. There are wonderful memories that we cherish of our wedding, our honeymoon, our proposal, but I almost think the ones I love the best are the simple ones like these, when I feel so overwhelmingly loved in a totally everyday sort of way. I am so grateful.

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