Fit for a Sailor

I found this dress at the Bargain Barn in Memphis, and I loved it so much that I tried it on right over my clothes. Happily, it fit! I love all the pretty pleats and the seaworthy colors. This dress makes me feel like I’m strolling the decks of the Titanic (though, thankfully, without the tragic ending), and I added some accent colors for a modern touch. Nothing goes better with navy than mustard, so I grabbed this new purse from City Thrift for a bright pop of sunshine.

It has been really warm this weekend, so I braided my hair and then gently wrapped it around my head. A few bobby pins held it in place, and I thought it was a good counterpart to this vintage look.

One of the most lovely features of this dress is definitely its epaulette-style sleeves. There are no shoulder pads, but the sleeves are actually only attached at the neckline, which means they can be swept back for a sleeveless look. Perfect for this hot day!

The back also has an opening, which shows off a few pretty pearl buttons and lets a breeze  reach your shoulders. This little belt didn’t come with the dress (although it also probably originated at the Bargain Barn), but it just spoke to me. Stripes on stripes!

This glass bead necklace is from Berlin. I love the little clanging noise of the strands as they brush against each other.

These purple earrings were a gift (to myself!) for my birthday this past year. I found them at my favorite thrift store in Pasadena.

And, of course, these are my new red heels from the Bargain Barn. I cannot stop wearing them! They are, hands down, the most comfortable heels I’ve ever had.

It’s finally warm enough here that we’re leaving all our windows open and heading out of the house without a sweater. This dress felt like the perfect way to celebrate early spring. Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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