Easy DIY Transformation: Old Socks to Armwarmers

I love these socks. They were a Christmas gift from one of my roommates in college. They are so bright and cheery, and they have a soft and fuzzy pink liner inside. This charmed me most especially because it matched the ridiculous hot pink shag carpet in my room (hers was day-glo orange). Many are the memories from that severely leaning house (my dresser drawers would not stay shut) with its non-functioning heater, but the happiest are those involving my sweet friends, who’d happily share their nuts for cornbread or just throw giant barbecues for the heck of it (Steve, I think I owe you $1,000 worth of portabella mushrooms. At least). I’ve been wearing these socks and thinking of my sweet friend for the last seven years, but they are finally giving up the ghost. As I was cleaning out my dresser this past weekend, I pulled them out, but instead of throwing them away, I tossed them into the sewing scraps pile. If I can’t wear them on my feet anymore, then I’ll wear them on my arms!

I actually got this idea from one of Eric’s classmates. She was awesomely creative, showing up to all the physics parties with artful outfits, and these, armwarmers made of socks. I was taken with the idea, but I must have filed it away somewhere behind all my dissertation stuff. I am glad to see that it was still in there after all these years! So, for reference, this is what my socks looked like as I got started. You can see the wear on the toes, but, happily, the upper portion is still in great shape.

The wear is more evident on the liner, and this is actually why I can’t wear them anymore–my toes get stuck in the holes!

The first step was to cut the two layers apart. The fuzzy pink one had to go the way of all flesh, but then I had the striped one ready to go. I trimmed the loose threads and then headed to my sewing machine.

Here is my pre-arm warmer.

I started with the top and put in a simple stitch. I used red thread because I thought it would add a nice accent (and also because it was already in the machine!)

I did the same on the bottom. Here is my almost straight stitch. My mom always told us when we were little that a slight flaw in something adds character. This is a philosophy I wholeheartedly embrace!

When that step was finished, I put them on my arms and pinched between my thumb and my forefinger to mark the place where I’d put in another little stitch to keep them on my hands.

That’s it! I love how they turned out, and I have a feeling I may never throw old socks out again. Well, at least not the pretty ones!

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